How Not to Prepare for a 5K

I originally started training two weeks ago but that only lasted for about two days.  Naomi, my gym partner, ended up getting sick the second day after we left the gym.  The weather wasn’t very warm and we ended up getting wet in the rain.  So I did what any good friend would do; I stopped working out.  You know, in order to keep things even.  When she started feeling better we started working out again but we only had one week left until 5K Saturday.  Altogether we went to the gym for about 5 days.

Here’s a little background history.  I’m not a runner.  In fact, I’m far from it.  I’ve was never involved in sports during middle or high school and I was OK with that.  When I did run it was towards the remote or the kitchen.  I prefer the indoors.  The windows shut and the cool breeze of the AC in my hair.

This year I’ve decided to try new things.

Oh my god, Jerry! Like the 5K you ran today?


Here’s the down low on my activities this morning.

  • Mom called me at 6 so that I’d make it on time to the race.  (Thanks mom!)
  • I fell back asleep and didn’t wake up until 7:30. (Doh!)
  • Naomi texted me and told me she was already at school. (Amazing!)
  • I rushed to get ready and drove over to campus. (It was cold outside!)
  • I forgot my bottle water at home after I had just filled it.
  • When I finally found Naomi, there was about 5min left for the race to start.
  • 10 seconds before starting she tells me I need to attach the microchip to my shoes so they can keep track of my time. (Thanks Naomi! I wondered what that was for.)
  • As I’m struggling to tie the chip to my laces I hear, “Ready? Go!”
  • I’m missing the race! I ran back to Naomi and we made our way towards the middle of the spandex wearing crowd.
  • We start running, kind of.  There was no room to run.  We were like zombies.
  • I sped up and lost Naomi in the crowd. (Sorry friend!)
  • I can’t believe I’m actually running.  I didn’t even have time to stretch.
  • The 9yr old that ran for 3 hours and died was on my mind every step of the way. (No joke!)  I kept wondering if the people behind me would stop to pick up my body and carry me to safety or continue with the race.

I felt like I was running for hours!  Then as I’m turning the corner towards the front of campus I hear one of the girls watching over us yell, “1.2 miles! You can do it runners!”

Take me now, Jesus!

A mile and a half later I see an old man passing me up.  Not only that but he was wearing the same shorts I was wearing!  (The future?)  I was not going to let an old man wearing my shorts beat me to the finish line.  I passed him up and left…him…behind.  Mua…ha…ha….



I can see the finish line!  I look back to see if Naomi is nearby but all I see is a sea of blue zombies (Our shirts were blue) so I keep running.  All I hear is, “Keep going.  You’re already there.  Just around the corner!”

I’m gonna make it. I’m gonna make it!

The finish line is just feet away.  I look up at it to see my time.

35min 40seconds

I did it!  Yes!  Finally.  It’s over!

Somebody get me some water and where are the tacos?

It was a great experience for me and the feeling of accomplishing a goal is indescribable.  I can scratch “running a 5K” off my to do list now.

My journey doesn’t end here though.  I plan on continuing my visits to the gym and I’ll continue to try new things.

Enjoy the photos.

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