Photographer Talks to Cars

When I woke up today, I didn’t know whether I was going to have a good day or one of ‘those’ days.  I made it to class early, took a picture of my socks, made another happy client with graduation portraits and made some good connections for photo opportunities.  I was done for the day.

I made it back to my car in the parking garage and my key won’t open the door.  (hmm, that’s strange)  So I try again.  Still nothing.  (getting worried)  Let’s do this one more time.  (the lock didn’t pop up)  O.K.  Now I’m worried.

Like any rational person I tried talking to my car door.  ‘Why won’t you open?’  Hoping I would get a fair reply like, ‘You don’t wash me anymore.’  Then we could finally sort things out.  That didn’t happen.

Then I tried using ALL MY KEYS!  Why aren’t any of these working?  When one key doesn’t work, the rest are supposed to pitch in and help.  That’s the way it works, right?  We’re a team!  We hang around together all day.  I carry you guys in my pocket everywhere I go and do I complain?  No.  But when I needed you the most, you bail on me.  Some team.

Here are my theories on what could have happened.  My keys are bent.  That’s all I got.  They’re bent and they won’t unlock my door.  Not even the apartment key worked.

I was helpless.

I wondered if acts of distress would work for me so I asked the first person that passed by with no luck.  He was too into himself.

The second person I saw seemed like she had it together but she was too far away.

Third time’s a charm right?  It was in my case.  Thank goodness for kind people.  I asked him kindly if he could help me out.  First he asked, “You’re not trying to steal the car, right?”

If I wanted to steal a car, it wouldn’t be mine.

I of course said no and he believed me. (hmm, that was easy) Next thing I know he walks over to his car and comes back with a wire hanger which he had already fully extended.

I tried, then he tried, then I tried again with no luck.  Then he left.  I thanked him for helping me though before he took off.  I continued to mess around with the wire.  I had no idea what I was doing.  For all I know, I could have been making it worse.  I tried reaching the unlock button but the wire was too weak to press down anyways.  Then I remembered that opening the door from the inside unlocks the door too!  I made the wire into a hook in order to pull back on the door handle from the inside.  First attempt failed.  Second attempt failed.  Third time’s a charm right?  It was in my case.  I pulled back and my door opened! Five minutes tops.

Moral of the story.

Ask kindly.  If you’re lucky, someone will offer you a wire hanger.


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