Avocado On Pizza? Poppycock!

It’s true!  Avocado on pizza is amazing.  To prove it I’ve decided to show you how to make one.  You guys know I don’t like bragging much (hence, my blog) but I think this occasion calls for a little dance at least.  The first time I made a pizza it was grilled outside over charcoal.  Not to mention it was the first pizza that I had ever made in my life.  I saw the pizza on someone’s blog and was blown away.  I had to try it.  It was delish to say the least and so easy too.  I was highly satisfied and relieved to have done away with that itch I had to make it.

Today I saw another photo of a white pizza made with Alfredo sauce, chicken and avocados.  There’s that itch again.  How can I not make it when it’s so simple and inexpensive.  The dough costs me fifty cents and the sauce costs about a dollar thirty.  I didn’t want to unfreeze the chicken in my freezer so I used pepperoni instead.  Then the mozzarella queso and voila!  Set it and forget it!  Well, for about twenty minutes in the oven and presto!  Top it off with cilantro and avocado and enjoy.

One thing that I did differently was make it stuffed crust.  I added mozzarella strips all around the edge of the dough and then folded the dough over the cheese.  I know!  I amaze myself sometimes.  Once my creative juices start flowing the possibilities are endless.  Check out the photos and let me know what you think.  This isn’t really a food blog (this isn’t really any type of blog) but I hope I’ve inspired you enough to go out and try it.

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