Stargazing on the Patio

I was cleaning my patio the other day (hold your applause) and realized I needed to do something with this old wooden chair that I don’t use.  The wide round shape makes it difficult sometimes to arrange in a small apartment.  Needless to say, it withstood rain and shine —and by rain I mean heat, and by heat I don’t mean the basketball team although I’m sure it could withstand them too— outside on the patio.  I wasn’t quite ready to part with it but I couldn’t find a place for it left or right.  The answer was right above my head the entire time.  There was already a small hook drilled into the ceiling above the patio.  I taped blue Christmas lights all around the chair, flipped it over, tied some wiring in the center in order to hang it and ta da!  (You can clap now)  Hope this inspires you just a little.


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