Hold The Lettuce

Today was my first day back at the rec center after a long, long break.  I admit it is much harder to start over again from scratch for the second (cough) time.  And with every new opportunity to start over, I always take care of my appetite first.  And why not?  Staying healthy isn’t all exercise.  One of the problems I face is portion size.  I have no problem with healthy food.   I love all food.  (And it loves me!)  If you want me to eat salads and smoothies I will gladly accept.

I’ll take one avocado salad and one pasta salad with an extra large smoothie to go.

Oh!  But don’t put any real fruit in the smoothie.  I don’t like chewing as I drink.

Oh!  And hold the lettuce on the salad.  I always get stuck with the white stems that don’t taste like anything.

Can you add extra grated cheese on top?  Don’t forget the dressing!  Please and thank you.

You know what?  I better get a  coffee to keep me going throughout the day.  Scratch that.  I can’t drink a coffee and a smoothie.  Better make it a frapuccino.  Venti.  With whipped cream on top.

You see?  This healthy stuff is a cinch!

OK so I have lots to learn and a long way to go but I am determined.  The rec center will become my second home.

Today I was there for about an hour before I had to leave for class.  Going up the stairs inside the rec gets harder every time.  To my dismay, the exercise machines were completely rearranged.  The little corner where I usually hide was now the center of attention.  (Where’s my panic button?)

Luckily, today was only a tour.

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