#PR 101: Avoid the Guillotine

If your business doesn’t have a social networking site by now you’ve managed to stand your ground and resist with all your might this addicting change that has taken over our lives.  Three cheers for being stubborn!  Who cares if you don’t have a Twitter account or a Facebook; you don’t need one.  You’re still in business and you never hear complaints from customers right?  Well, you didn’t hear it from me but rumor has it that everyone who did create a Facebook or Twitter account is talking about you right now.  Whether it’s good news or bad news I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.  Hopefully you were nice to everyone who walked through your doors.  If not, that could explain why business has been slow recently.

What to do now?  Create your online presence and start networking.

But I don’t need to let everyone know I’m eating a doughnut.

True.  And we don’t want to hear it but you need to let everyone know who brought the free doughnuts, stingy! (And if they’re jelly filled. My favorite!)

All kidding aside, we want to know do you sell doughnuts?  Where are you located?  Is there a coupon somewhere?  Discount?  Is it National Doughnut Day?  I’m up for anything that has a day dedicated to it.

Creating an approachable online personality is key to getting people to approach your offline business too.  If you follow through and deliver the goods once they step inside your doors you’ll keep them coming back for more.  Even better, they’ll bring their friends next time.  What’s better than that?  They might post a picture up on facebook about the sweet jelly-filled doughnut they bought with a student discount and promote your business to their thousands and thousands of friends everywhere.



Crisis management is another plus of having an online presence.

So let’s say you promoted jelly-filled doughnuts over Facebook.  (very good)  Then you realize you don’t have any jelly (what kind of sketchy doughnut place is this?)  and you don’t tell anyone in hopes of getting people in the door.

“They don’t have jelly-filled and they hate puppies!”

You will have an old fashioned guillotine set up outside your door faster than you can say glazed doughnuts.  You made us, (ahem) them.  You made them stop on their way to work for nothing.  Now they’re late for work and have nothing to butter up their boss with.  They go online and tell their thousands and thousands of friends that you’re a liar and you hate puppies.  Congratulations.  You’re out of business—unless you have kolaches—but that’s another story.  You should have prevented this by sending out a post to your followers when you realized your mistake.

So you don’t have a Twitter or a Facebook.  That might be okay for now but in a couple minutes you might as well start closing up shop.  Create an approachable online presence and interact with your followers.  It’s as simple as that.  Learn to develop that lasting relationship in order to build loyal customers who will promote and help your business succeed.

If you have a story you’d like to share on here (or if you have jelly doughnuts) send me an e-mail and let’s work together.

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