Stranger #1- Matt: I’m In A Psychedelic Noise Band

Matt, 32

Meet Matt, the UTSA mail clerk who delivers and picks up mail from the office where I work.  My first impression of Matt is that of a very reserved and quiet guy.  He’s very friendly and incredibly laid-back.  He’s a man who needs no more than a few words to express himself.  Our five minute conversations usually consist of me talking about myself while he listens.

It wasn’t until I started working on this project that I realized I know absolutely nothing about Matt and yet I see him just about everyday.  I started making small talk to get to know him better and little by little I found out that sweet, innocent, reserved little Matt is in a band!  I would have never guessed had I not poked around (figuratively speaking).

The Vanity Press is the name of his three man band dedicated to playing loud psychedelic/noise-rock.  If you click on the link it’ll take you to their Facebook page where you’ll be able to hear some of their songs.  If you like what you hear you should definitely go check them out live at Boneshakers tonight.

Matt is currently a student in the College of Fine Arts at UTSA and plans on pursuing graduate school soon.  His hobbies include creating good music, collecting old records and living like a rock star.

Big thanks to Matt for accepting to be my first stranger in this series.

Who’s next?  You there!

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