Stranger #2- Violet: Will you buy me something to eat?

Violet approached me on Saturday while I was sitting down at a table downtown looking for my next interviewee.  She asked if she could sit down in the chair next to mine so she could rest.  I had no problem with this but figured she wanted something from me since there were about five other tables around me with about four empty chairs each.  I took full advantage of this opportunity to get to know her a little bit.

I’ve actually crossed paths with this woman before.  Once, when I was taking graduation pictures of my friend Anna, she approached us selling single stemmed roses.  When I told her I didn’t need any roses she persisted to ask for money so she could buy herself some food.  I became very annoyed really quickly.  I never carry cash on me except that that day I had five dollars in my pocket.  Keyword: had.

This time I was a little better prepared.  She didn’t ask me for money but did ask me to buy her something to eat.  I had no cash on me and quickly started talking to her about my project and she happily accepted to take part.  She told me she was born and raised in San Antonio.  She loves spending time downtown and says that the downtown locals really take care of her.  She voluntarily told me she was born in 1956 and that her birthday is coming up October 12th.  When asked how she felt about her birthday coming up she replied she was really looking forward to it and invited me to come back to her home (a.k.a. downtown) on her birthday.  I accepted.

Then she asked me if I had a credit card.  Ugh….You were doing so well Violet.  First I told her I didn’t have good credit.  Then, to put a stop to her begging, I continued to tell her I was highly in debt, was in search of a job and still needed to pay my tuition.  She opened her purse and took out a cigarette to smoke (I thought she would ask me for a lighter but she had her own).  She grabbed her purse, stood up, told me to stay in the shade so I don’t get sunburned and said goodbye.

Ladies and gentleman, Violet.

4 responses to “Stranger #2- Violet: Will you buy me something to eat?

  1. Interesting story Jerry! I feel bad for these people when I see them asking for money for food and I sometimes think to myself, how would I act if I was in their situation? My answer always is – you would do what you had to, to survive. We have this scary guy/kid who looks exactly like Shaggy from Scoobie Doo that walks all day and night long around our neighborhood. He scares us as it appears that he is not all there, so we are unsure if he is approachable or not. His presence just makes us more aware of our surroundings and keep an eye out for him. I wonder if he has an interesting story to tell?

    • I would be cautious Valerie. I’m in no way encouraging you to put yourself in a dangerous situation especially if you think he’s nuts! After Violet stood up and left she kept walking around behind me. I thought for sure she was going to knock me over the head with a brick and take my camera, lol. Luckily she didn’t.

      • Good advice Jerry! I did run into this guy once walking down the street and when I took a good look at his face, it appeared that it was blank as if he did not even notice me walking by him. Gave me goosies! As what Violet did to you, now that would have given me goosies too and I would have been on the lookout for her all day after that. Just when I thought that I lived in a safe neighborhood, it makes you aware that anything can happen anywhere. Just be careful! Your next Violet could be dangerous too!

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