Stranger #3- Breanna & Spencer: From Missouri With Love

Breanna, 21 & Spencer, 20

While walking along the river walk I ran into Breanna and Spencer who were spending the day sightseeing.  She approached me and asked if I could take a picture of both of them (with their own camera of course) since they were only able to take each others picture.  I happily agreed.  They were a friendly couple so why not?  Then I remembered the reason why I was at the river walk.  Right before taking their picture I told them I’d only take it if they wouldn’t mind helping me out with my own project.  They agreed.  I would’ve happily taken their picture regardless if they helped me out though.

They’ve been married for two years and are coming all the way from Missouri.  You don’t hear much about Missouri; I actually don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from Missouri before.  I had to Google Missouri to figure out where exactly it was located.  In case you didn’t know, it’s north east of Texas.  So I asked what they were doing far away from home?  Turns out Spencer is actually in the army.  He was stationed in Missouri and was just recently transferred to Fort Sam Houston here in San Antonio.  They have seven weeks and four days left in San Antonio (and counting) before they get stationed somewhere else.  They’re really hoping for Missouri again since both their families live there but really have no idea where they’ll be traveling.

I hope they enjoy their stay in San Antonio and I hope they get to go back to Missouri if that’s what they really want.  If it were me I’d tell them to send me to Italy and Spain; I have enough pictures of the river walk.  A big shout out to Spencer for being all that he can be.  It takes a big man to do what he’s doing.  Thank you both for accepting to be a part of this series.

I’m counting them both as my number three stranger which means I have 97 more to go.  Also, I’m starting to think that this project should be called “100 photos of strangers” (or something along those lines) since I have the feeling that this won’t be the only occasion where I run into a couple or maybe even a group.

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