Stranger #4- Sondra: Are You Trying To Tell Me About Happy Hour?

Do you believe in signs?  I don’t mean road signs.  I mean more along the lines of what Ace of Base was singing about in the 90s.  You know; The kind that open up your eyes.  Well in order to see the sign, you have to encounter what I like to call, Life Blockers, events that keep you from living your life but lead you into something better, a sign.

(This story has several life blockers but I’ll try and point them out along the way.)

First of all, I think it’s important that you remember that life blockers usually suck although they happen for a good reason.  With that said I’ll continue with my story on how I met a woman who I think brought me good luck.  It all started yesterday when I had to go downtown for a school meeting.  I was initially supposed to be there from three to six but the meeting ended an hour earlier which meant I was to be driving back during rush hour (gross).  I actually did have to drive somewhere but after much deliberation I decided it was impossible to make it there on time and so I went for a walk through market square.  (Traffic: Life Blocker #1)  Then I thought I’d visit the Museo Alameda since this is the last week it’ll be open but they were closing for the day when I arrived (Museum: Life Blocker #2).  I would have kept walking towards the cathedral like I always do but the sky was grey and I feared rain coming (Weather: Life Blocker #3).  I decided to sit down on the steps outside the museum for a break and just enjoy Market Square instead (No Life Blocker, hmm).

After several minutes of people-watching a huge gust of wind blew through market square and a couple raindrops started to fall.  I packed up my camera and was about to head back to my car but I figured the rain would catch me and my camera would get wet so I decided to stick around the museum where I could easily hide from the rain (Rain: Life Blocker #4).  Just as it looked like the sky was clearing up I decided it was time to jet when all of a sudden I see in the sky the biggest rainbow that I have ever seen stretching across downtown San Antonio.  And just as I got up to take a picture, a woman and security guard come from inside the museum behind me to take a picture of the rainbow with their cell phones too.  She said out loud, “This is good luck!  This means everyone here is going to find a job!”  “Thank goodness,” I muttered to myself.

This is Sondra.  A 50 something woman full of positive energy.  She was just in awe over the rainbow.  She couldn’t believe her eyes.  Not only because of its beauty but she later told me rainbows are very dear to her heart.  She and her best friend love rainbows so much that they take pictures with them whenever they find one.  Sadly, her best friend passed away not too long ago and Sondra was chosen to take her ashes to France (I didn’t ask why in France as I didn’t think it was my business).  While in France she decided to sightsee and take pictures but little did she know that when she made it back home most of her pictures had rainbows in them!  She took it as a sign that her best friend would be with her forever.

Afterwards she told me she didn’t understand signs very much.  She couldn’t read them.  She started joking around and talking to the rainbow as if it were her best friend, “What are you trying to tell me?  I don’t understand the rustling leaves.  Show me a banner with words instead!  Are you trying to tell me about happy hour?  Is that it?”  We both started laughing at that point.

Then she asked if I was looking for a job (because of the rainbow).  I said yes.  She started giving me tips and advice about finding a job and about having to “put yourself out there” in order to make those lifetime connections.  She told me about waiting tables and various other jobs she held in the past.  “I loved waiting tables, I always came out with cash in my pocket and I met so many people,” she said.  “If you just sit at home waiting then no one is going to see you and you’ll be waiting forever”.

I asked If I could take her picture in front of the rainbow so I could send it to her and she happily agreed.  After we parted I kept thinking about how she said everyone there was going to find a job.  I found it silly but kept my hopes up.

Today, I was called for a job interview.  No joke.  It’s only an interview but still it’s much more than I’ve had in months.

Thank you Sondra!

3 responses to “Stranger #4- Sondra: Are You Trying To Tell Me About Happy Hour?

  1. Hi Jerry! What a great story and ever since I subscribed to your blog, I now know that you are my rainbow as I am enlightened every time I read your posts and you brighten my day. Thank you for being my rainbow today and my inspiration.

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