Stranger #6- The Macho Mangonada and the Chango Behind It #sanantonio #foodtruck

I will never forget the day I came across Patsy’s Shaved Ice snow cone truck.  This was the day I had my first macho mangonada and the day I met Steve Casas, a self starter/motivator with excellent customer service and a knack for making people smile.

So get this, my Italian friend, whom I was skyping with from my mobile, did not know what a raspa was either.  (Raspa is Spanish for snow cone for all my non-Spanish speaking readers.)  When I came across Steve and his raspa truck, I HAD to interview him.  By the look on his face, Steve was just as shocked by the news.  He quickly told me to step up on the back bumper of his truck and started making a raspa while at the same time narrating to my Italian friend over Skype.  That was really nice of him.  The raspa he made was called a chango.  It was half green chamoy, half red chamoy, pickle juice and lucas powder on top.  If you don’t know what chamoy or lucas are, well, let’s just say that this raspa was really sour but really good.  He of course had the usual sweet flavors, cherry, watermelon, strawberry, etc., but changos are special.  Only the adventurous type will enjoy.

After the interview, Steve told me about the macho mangonada, his own concoction he named himself.  The only thing he would tell me was that it had mangos, chili and secret ingredients.  Needless to say, it was delicious.  He didn’t even charge me for it.  What a great guy!

Steve wasn’t always known as the raspa guy tho.  No, no, no.  He proudly maintains his landscaping business and can do everything including: weed/grass cutting, tree planting and removal,  hedge trimming and landscaping designs.  The reason behind his successful raspa business?  He adopted three kids.  This is one heck of a guy with a big heart.

Steve will drive his raspa truck anywhere in San Antonio and to any event including birthdays, quinceañeras, weddings and divorces as he told me.  If you’d like more info or if you’d like to invite Steve over for your next tailgating party (or any party) you can reach him at 210.209.3003.

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