Stranger #7: Bombay Salsa Co. Unites Mexican and Indian Flavors

Hitish (center) with mom and dad.

Food trucks seem to be on every street corner everywhere you go here in San Antonio.  The one I just recently came across started showing up near my apartment on the weekends not too long ago which is a nice change for the nightlife (or lack of) in the area.

Now, I didn’t meet this stranger by coincidence.  He actually contacted the public relations organization that I’m a part of and since I’m the photographer for the organization I was told to go take a couple pictures of his food for publicity purposes.  That night I learned about more than just food.

While some people can’t get passed cultural differences, this guy works hard to bring together two very different cultures.  Hitish Nathani, owner of Bombay Salsa Co., unites the savory flavors of India and Mexico and wraps them together in a flaky, delicious, pita-like flat bread.

While traveling through Mexico and Central America, Hitish came up with the great idea of building his own food truck and starting a family business.  He brings together traditional family recipes from his Indian background and uses some of Mexico’s freshest ingredients, including flour tortillas if you prefer over the flat bread.  He even has the cool glass bottled soda that you don’t see around as much anymore, unless you actually travel to Mexico.  Or if it’s a chilly night his homemade chai tea will warm you right up.  Oh and get this, he speaks Spanish!  Two different cultures delivered to you in one beautiful experience.

He usually parks his truck every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the CVS on Chase Hill Blvd. next to Deol Bar.  Stay up to date by adding Bombay Salsa Co. on Facebook.

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