Beautiful People of the World! #publicexposure

Beautiful people of the world!  Now that the weather is warming up in San Antonio I can finally come out from hiding.  I can’t stand cold or rainy weather and much less both at the same time.  Add the flu on top of all that and it’s adios outside world, hello warm blanket.

On a lighter note I’m very excited for Spring to arrive.  I’ve had several people ask me for more stranger posts and they’re coming!  Like I said, the weather and flu is no bueno.  This semester San Antonio has many events coming up including Fiesta!  Yes, San Antonio has a fiesta called Fiesta!  I might even bring you more stranger posts via video!

This is it for now.  Just a friendly update for you guys.

Also, some of my friends said they were motivated to create a blog after reading mine so I’m looking forward to seeing some of those blogs come to life.

Ciao for now!2ndlogo copy

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