X Marks The Art – San Antonio Art Tour

You know how when you try to do something responsible your friends are always there to snap you out of it?  Thank goodness too!  Or else it would have been a dull night.  I was sitting quietly inside a Starbucks reading over material for work when suddenly I hear tapping at the window.  Two friends of mine, Monica and Daniela, tracked me down using Facebook and invited me to go on some walking art tour with them throughout downtown.  Having no idea what they were talking about I quickly threw my notes in my backpack and tagged along.  Apparently there were several spots downtown that had some kind of art showcase.  My friends had maps that showed where x marks the art spot but were falling behind the tour.  They sound like they’re out of breath throughout the video because they were trying to keep up.  This is a random spontaneous post for a random spontaneous night.  The video I recorded isn’t the best but you’ll get the idea of what the tour was.

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