Stranger #8: A Real Champion

The weather today wasn’t the best but since I started working I rarely get the chance to go out and shoot anymore.  I decided to head towards downtown in hopes of making a dent in my strangers series.  My first stop was inside the building on Market Square where they have all the food and aguas frescas of course.

The place was packed but I was lucky enough to find an empty bench where I could sit and adjust my camera settings for shooting indoors.  Finding the perfect person to publicly expose isn’t always easy.  I try to find someone interesting and approachable but more importantly someone with a story.

While I sat and waited my patience was soon rewarded with a friendly voice over a microphone.  The voice of a champion who was introducing students from her very own dance academy.  Her name?  Elsa Champion.  What better name for someone who works hard and dances even harder.

While her students were dancing a folkloric number on stage I went over to introduce myself and ask for a picture.  She graciously accepted and proceeded to tell me she started dancing at the age of two and started teaching at the age of 16.  Our talk was cut short because she was about to perform a number on stage while balancing a candle on her head and holding a candle in each hand.  Like a true champion.

My next pair of strangers spend their free time doing something not so ordinary and in public.

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