3rd Annual Twisted Taco Truck Throwdown

The 3rd Annual Twisted Taco Truck Throwdown was held yesterday at the oldest post in Texas near downtown San Antonio where a portion of the proceeds go towards the VFW Post 76 Veteran Relief Fund.  Dozens of taco trucks competed for the best taco in San Antonio but only one took with them the right to brag about it.  Congratulations to Gracie’s Kitchen for winning this year’s Twisted Taco Truck Throwdown.  My friends and I dubbed ourselves the official unofficial judges at the event and we made it a mission to find the food truck that served the best mini tacos.  We agreed that Gracie’s Kitchen was the people’s choice winners of the night but that didn’t stop us from tasting the competition.  We devoured those mini tacos — which were only a dollar — not once, not twice, but five times!  Every taco truck that made it out to the event had a long line of loyal customers and novice food critics patiently waiting for their turn to place an order.  People were friendly and the Twisted Tea was flowing; Now that I think of it, the people might have been friendly because the Twisted Tea was flowing.  Make sure to view the pictures below and stay tuned for the upcoming interview videos for a more lively taste of the Twisted Taco Truck Throwdown.

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