I Ran Over Something and I Don’t Want to Stop and Look – Part 1

It’s 6:30 a.m. on a Monday morning and here I am preparing my lunch for work, mind you, this is before my alarm clock even went off. Yup. I’m a grown-up. Actually, I often prepare breakfast and lunch the night before. This is how much I value my sleep.

I get dressed, head out the door and get in my car. As I make my way through the parking lot of my apartment complex I hear a strange sound that makes my heart skip a beat. The sound is coming from underneath my car.

At this point, I do what any responsible person in my situation would do. I turn the radio up and I keep going.

I probably just ran over a cardboard box or a plastic bag and now it’s caught underneath my car, I thought to myself. The strange sound grew louder but so did my thoughts.

Could it be a cat? No, no. I like cats. A possum? A giant spider? Yes. That’s it. I probably ran over a giant spider that was going to attack a poor defenseless cat. I just saved a cat’s life. Please let it be a giant spider. 

I turn the radio off and face my fears.

Ugh, why me? Why today? Why in the morning with all this traffic? Somebody did this. Somebody is trying to sabotage my day, my week, my life! 

I start praying to baby Jesus, Spurs Jesus, Superman, Captain Planet even. I need everyone’s powers combined to help me right now.

I’m pretty sure the sound is coming from one of my tires and I don’t feel safe anymore. I quickly find myself back in the parking spot I had left moments earlier. I turn the car off and step outside. I check underneath my car and there was no sign of a giant spider. Sorry, America. I pop open the hood and to my content, there is no cat. I check the back tires. Nothing. Then the front passenger tire. Nothing. Next, the front driver’s side. There it was. The end to my great day and staring right at me. (Dun, Dun, Duuuun!)

I don’t want to make these writings too long so I’m splitting this one in two parts.

Come back later to hear how my adventure ends.

Thanks for reading and please share!

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