Stranger #23: Corn Land’s Deedy Pinedo

Corn in a cup

I’ll eat you up

Let’s have a party!

No matter where you are or how you prepare it, you can’t deny that a corn in a cup is a simple and delicious snack you can make at home. But let’s be honest. Food always tastes better when other people make it.


The basic ingredients consist of corn, butter, cheese, hot sauce, and lime juice. Some people like to add mexican table cream or mayo for a creamier texture. You can use either cotija cheese, which is a Mexican crumbly cheese, or grated parmesan cheese. Other optional ingredients include chili powder or lemon pepper seasoning.

After running a quick Google search I found Cornland. They make it just the way I like using fresh cotija cheese.

I visited Cornland the next day and met with the friendly Deedy Pinedo. I told her how excited I was to have finally found a corn in a cup made with fresh cheese. She completely understood what I meant and told me she even has the good hot sauce.

Cornland Deedy

Deedy totally gets me. She has an identical twin sister who also works at Cornland named Dinah. I met her on a different day and she was just as nice and friendly as Deedy. Meet Deedy below in the video and give Cornland a visit when you’re in San Antonio or Laredo. You won’t be disappointed.

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