Downtown Run Group

Waiting for a group picture to happen at Arneson River Theatre.

Why I Started Running

I started running because I was tired. I was always tired. I would run out of breath every time I climbed a flight of stairs. I was studying at the university at the time and boy did they love stairs. My diet consisted of anything that was inexpensive and convenient. Four double cheeseburgers to go please. I felt and looked unhealthy and I finally decided I needed to change. Running was the easiest to start.

Why I Continue

Now, several reasons keep me lacing up my shoes and hitting the trails. Health reasons are still number one but I also find running to be therapeutic. 

More than therapeutic, it’s an ever evolving challenge.

With Christina and the Downtown Run Group.
We’re running on the side of the road, ya’ll! It’s early and it’s hot.

My Support Group

This past Saturday, I attended a group run with my friends and about 225 other people training for the Humana Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon.

The 2019 Downtown Run Group

We all need a support group and I’m hoping the Downtown Run Group will help me get across the finish line in one piece. We ended up running four miles total. Two miles towards the Arneson River Theatre where we ended up taking a group picture, and two miles back to the Pearl District where we started. It wasn’t bad considering we stopped for a long break to take a picture. The more miles I start adding every week, the harder it is getting. Did I mention this is a 6:00 a.m. run every Saturday? Ya’ll know I don’t do mornings.

The Heat Is On

The temperature in San Antonio keeps increasing. It is getting way too hot to run during my lunch hour. I might have to start running in the mornings or move my workouts indoors on a treadmill, yuck!

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