The Spooky Side of Marathon Training

The Beginnning

Hola amigos! Four miles! I started training on four miles. When I started this journey I thought only about lacing up and staying hydrated. Training was new and exciting. I enjoyed running through downtown San Antonio with new and best friends. The city has so many great views when you see it on foot, especially early in the morning when most people are still asleep. I felt great and it was fun!

October Update

So my body hurts. Everywhere. All the time. I’m always tired—no, scratch that—I’m always exhausted. I don’t think I have ever pushed my body this hard. I get anxiety before every long run and my stomach is in knots whenever someone mentions hills. The morning humidity has sweat inching into my eyes stinging and blinding me while the still darkness makes it feel like someone is following me. Suddenly I look up and I realize I don’t know where I am and the shadows start playing tricks on me. ‘Am I dreaming,’ I think to myself. I see a person waving in the distance and as I run closer I realize it’s a shrub in the wind. The oil spill on the road turns out to be a black cat and I’m so glad I didn’t step on it. What is even scarier is the wave of negative thoughts that flow through my mind when I have so much time to think. Then I hear a voice whisper in my ear, “One mile completed; sixteen miles to go.” Eeek! Training can be scary. Some might even say, spooky? We are in October afterall. 

On a lighter note, I am still alive and still very determined to finish what I started. Race day is right around the corner and I still have my two friends encouraging me and running by my side. We are all learning so much more from this journey than what we expected. I started getting blisters on my feet during runs which was very new to me. I changed socks, insoles, and even tried sleeves to help minimize the blisters to no avail. Finally I wrapped my feet using KT tape and that seemed to have done the trick. We have been testing different gels, chews, and energy drinks. Pushing each other to go further and picking each other up when we kiss the pavement. 

18 Miles

We’re experiencing new muscles and new pains but I am pretty sure we all still really want to do this. Tomorrow might be a different story as we are running 18 miles in the morning. We start at the Pearl District then head towards the King William District and back to the Pearl District. This is only half the route but this is all I care to think about as I type this. I will keep you updated and let you know how I did after my run or you’ll see a special guest post from one of my friends posting a copy of my eulogy. Kidding! 

All tips and tricks are welcomed and appreciated! Especially words of encouragement and support!

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